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On this site we like to share ExactCODE's contributions to the TWAIN ecosystem..

OpenSource DSM for macOS

This is the new and open source Data Source Manager from for macOS.

Please use with caution for testing only, as we are still reviewing various small low-level details.


Cliscan is a command line tool to acces TWAIN data sources from the command line for testing and scripted scan automation.

Most options should be quite self explaining, for example: --list-devices, --mode, --resolution, --format, --gamma, --dont-scan, and so on.

You can get a full list of availabel options with the -h / --help argument.

On all platforms it is a simple executable and data file. On Windows and Linux an additional 64-bit flavour is included. Simply uncompress the archive and run it e.g. from a terminal.